[Project_owners] anti spam developer question

Thomas Thurman thomas at thurman.org.uk
Tue Jul 15 17:14:55 EDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003, Interrog [07wk2] wrote:
> A guy I know is developing amazing antispam shareware for Outlook 
> (disruptor.de).  I am trying to motivate him to port it to a mozilla 
> mail add-on.  :)  Not knowing much about MozDev, I was wondering if he 
> would be able to continue his shareware model as a mozilla developer. 
> Obviously releasing his source to the public would be contrary to his 
> financial interests.  What would you suggest?

AFAIK there is no reason for a Mozilla extension to be distributed under
any specific licence. However, for Mozdev to host it, it would need to be
agreeable to the copyright notice at http://mozdev.org/copyright.html,
which requires an OSI-compliant licence.

So AFAICS he can write the extension, but not host it at mozdev.


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