[Project_owners] Re: Camino list

Mike Pinkerton pinkerton at netscape.com
Mon Jul 14 11:10:18 EDT 2003

S Woodside wrote:
> Dear MozDev folks,
> Hi there, can you please start a camino mailing list and move all the 
> chimera mailing list subscribers over to it? I'm willing to be admin if 
> necessary. I think maybe the project owners for chimera are on vacation 
> as they haven't responded to emails about this. There were quite a few 
> people on the list and it was active, before the attack.

i haven't received a single piece of mozdev email to either my mac.com 
or nscp.com email addresses in the last 2 months.

so i'm not ignoring anyone, per se. something is doing it for me.

Mike Pinkerton
Mac Browser Weenie
pinkerton at netscape.com        http://people.netscape.com/pinkerton

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