[Project_owners] New Project Idea

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Mon Jul 14 11:11:02 EDT 2003

Trey Hunner wrote:

> I am considering starting a new project, yet I know almost nothing about 
> Mozilla programming (especially XUL) and I do not know how to work in a 
> CVS environment.  If someone feels that they would like to create this 
> project or assist me in creating it, please do.  I would like to allow a 
> user of Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird to be able to install an extension 
> that adds a 'Page Source' button to the Edit menu.  This button should 
> be able to run any document editing program (text editors especially) or 
> possibly an internal text editor also (one similar to notepad).
> I believe this project is necessary because the View->Page Source window 
> does not allow one to edit the source with any text editor, let alone 
> their favorite.  I know that you can edit a page using the Composer, but 
> there is no way to edit the HTML code by default and the composer has 
> too many extra features that make it too complicated.

I believe this is one of the goals of the mozex project:


- Brian

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