[Project_owners] cvs [rtag aborted]: no such tag...

Roland Mainz Roland.Mainz at informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
Thu Jul 10 08:04:02 EDT 2003



I tried to day to make a release canidate for my project Xprint, however
I can't create a new branch:
The tagging works without problems...
% cvs -z1 tag ancalagon_trunk_009_base xprint
... but creating the branch fails like this:
% cvs rtag -r ancalagon_trunk_009_base -b ancalagon_trunk_009_branch
cvs rtag: User 'roland' cannot access 
cvs rtag: User 'roland' cannot access src
cvs rtag: User 'roland' cannot access www
cvs [rtag aborted]: no such tag ancalagon_trunk_009_base

Does anyone have an idea what may be wrong here ?



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