[Project_owners] donations and supporters policy ideas

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Tue Jul 8 19:24:42 EDT 2003

david boswell wrote:

> - it doesn't seem feasible to individually thank each
> person who has donated.  it does seem feasible to
> personally thank everyone who has donated over a
> certain amount.  the lowest level on the Thank Gnus
> page is $500 to get a personal mention.  for us, i
> think a lower level of $200 makes sense.  for that you
> get your name mentioned on the supporters page with a
> link to an email address or web site if you like.
> - for corporate supporters (i like this term better
> than sponsors since that term implies to me that they
> are the sole supporter for the site) i think we can
> have a similar system.  for over a certain amount
> (maybe $500) we can add their logo to the supporters
> page.  for more (say $3000) we can put their logo on
> the homepage for a year.

Not sure, but I would make the distinction between supporters at 
"one-time" supporters vs. "regular" ones. And just offer the additional 
value like logo and stuff to "regular" ones, like, companies that fund 
mozdev every quarter or so. That way, mozdev get's an additional value 
as well (at least partially some expectation of donations in a 
particular timeframe, and thus better planning basics).
Make the timeframe depend on the timeframe that regular costs for mozdev 
pop up. Hosting for example, even server updates.
> - there were also comments about reimbursing admins. 
> personally i work on the site because that's how i
> want to spend some of my free time.  on the other hand
> it would be great to be able to have working on mozdev
> become my job.  i think it might make sense to have a
> long term goal be to have a future mozdev non-profit
> organization pay admins at a low hourly rate (maybe
> $5/hour).  this is just a thought and may not turn out
> to be a good idea.
> any comments or suggestions on any of this is welcome.
> david

All of this needs to be within the legal limits of a non-profit 
organization, of course. No idea what those are in the US. I wouldn't 
know it on this side of the ocean.


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