[Project_owners] site update

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Tue Jul 8 13:19:19 EDT 2003

David Fraser wrote:

>> - Post to this thread if you want a mailing list for your project so I 
>> have a running record of it.
>> - Supply the name of your project(s) 


>> - Supply a valid email address so I can make you the admin of your 
>> list. You will own your list. 
axel at pike dot org (used to be another one, but this one is better)
>> - Then I will migrate over the existing subcribers and create a fresh 
>> new list for your project.
>> - Then once that is completed, I will add an alias to apache so we 
>> will have access to the old html mailing list archives.
>> - Then I will install spam assasin.
yay :-)
>> - Then news groups and tey to utilize mailmans news gateway. 
> I don't think we need a news group for this list...

we neither, if that makes it less work than more.


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