[Project_owners] Unreacheable project owners and disappearing mailing lists...

Fernando Cassia fcassia at netscape.net
Tue Jul 8 02:22:10 EDT 2003

I haven't been following discussions on this list (I know, I should 
have, but I had no time), so please ignore this message if it contains 
stupid, redundant, or annoying questions ;-):

#1. I've been unable to reach several owners of Mozdev projects (all 
theme authors), some of them had their email accounts closed (so how 
would anyone contact a project owner?). I think mozdev.org should send 
emails once a month ("system status" or whatever, and then check for 
bounces. If email to project owners bounce, then a red flag should be 
raised and someone (not me ;) should inquiry about the whereabouts of 
the project owner to fix the problem and linked email address asap. 
Well, just an idea.

Case in point: Orbit theme author...


Undeliverable Address: ratatat at gamebox.net

Reason: The email address specified above has
been closed due to inactivity.  No forwarding information is available.


#2) Disappearing mailing lists.

I tried to subscribe to the "themes" mailing list, by following the link from the project to "mailing list". According to mailmain, there is no such list.

Same with every theme mailing list I tried. 



System Contact: postmaster at GameBox.net

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