[Project_owners] site update

AndyB wpl510 at myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 7 21:56:53 EDT 2003

The DOCUMOZ project could use a mailing list- my email address is 
wpl510 at myrealbox.com . Not sure whether to make the project a repository 
of links and ratings for other documentation, or to start collaborating 
with some of the great resources I missed when I went looking to start 
the project originally, but hopefully a list and some free time will 
give some ideas.

Also, IF project owner AndyEd doesn't post something in the next few 
days (though I'd hope he would), I'll take the GOOGLEBAR list on.

Thanks for all the hard work- and on a holiday weekend!...


PS- Looking at the "redirected referrer report" on the new logs ( 
http://mozdev.org/logs/logs.html#redirref ), I see what was meant about 
spammers. And I always thought Mozdev was a family web site.

Pete Collins wrote:

>> pete is currently working on restoring mailing lists
>> and newsgroups. 
> Well we have a brand spank'n new install of Mozdev and mailman.
> So, this is actually a golden opportunity to wipe the slate clean of 
> past spam defilement.  There are lots and lots of abandoned projects 
> and lists that have become spam repositories.  So, this is how I think 
> we should proceed.
> - Post to this thread if you want a mailing list for your project so I 
> have a running record of it.
> - Supply the name of your project(s)
> - Supply a valid email address so I can make you the admin of your 
> list. You will own your list.
> - Then I will migrate over the existing subcribers and create a fresh 
> new list for your project.
> - Then once that is completed, I will add an alias to apache so we 
> will have access to the old html mailing list archives.
> - Then I will install spam assasin.
> - Then news groups and tey to utilize mailmans news gateway.
> So please take this opportunity to help Mozdev grow to the next level 
> and become an even greater, productive and efficient resource to the 
> community. We've dealt w/ the worst of it so things can only get 
> better from here.
> Thanks
> --pete
> Pete Collins
> Mozdev CoFounder

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