[Project_owners] Bugzilla has landed (2.16.3)

Roland Mainz Roland.Mainz at informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
Tue Jul 8 04:43:31 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

> The eagle has landed (2.16.3).
>    http://mozdev.org/bugs/index.cgi
> Please report here if you notice any problems.

Hurray! :)

Is it safe to use it (e.g. can I file new bugs and add comments) or is
that only a test installation ?

> Getting branding working is for another day.

Erm... remember the problems with the branding and older browsers ?
What about skipping the branding (xfree86&&co. don't use branding
either) or at least put the content of bugzilla pages in a
single-cell-table to ensure that the layout does not go nuts in browsers
like NS4.x (yeah, yeah, I know - shame on me - but IMHO NS4.x mailnews
is still better in some areas than mozilla's mailnews... ;-( ) ...



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