[Project_owners] Handling HTML in extensions (Bug in Mozilla and Firebird or am I doing something wrong?)

Jaap A. Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Mon Dec 29 14:01:25 EST 2003

Neil wrote:
> Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
>> Thanks for all your suggestions for workarounds. I filed a bug in 
>> bugzilla. So hopefully the bug gets solved someday.
> And what was the bug number?
Oops. Sorry forgot to mention it:

The bug that firebird does not open URL's (<a href= blah blah>) tag's 
corectly I filed in in

> By the way, I looked at the way content sinks work. What happens is that 
> the XML parser tokenises the raw document and sends it to the expat 
> driver, which mostly passes it to the content sink. One effect is that 
> &#32; to space conversion has been performed by the time that the 
> content sink gets notified.
> The XUL content sink currently trims all text passed to it, which is why 
> you are getting the problem. There appear to be two ways to solve the 
> problem: make <![CDATA[ ]]> force a space, or not to trim text, unless 
> the text is entirely whitespace, e.g.
> <description>
>  Normal text.
>  <html:b>Bold text.</html:b>
> </description>
> With the current code this becomes "Normal text*Bold text.*"; with the 
> second change it would become "
>  Normal text.
>  *Bold text.*"
> Since this way appears to be more useful can anyone think of any adverse 
> side-effects?
I assume the output of the second change is "Normal text. *Bold text*" 
instead of the extra linefeeds which are in your mail


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