[Project_owners] Preferences in Mozilla

Jaap A. Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Sun Dec 28 21:28:33 EST 2003

> OK, here's a brief run-down:
>   1. The main pref window opens. It initializes a few globals, such as
>      top.hPrefWindow, and then loads a pref panel.
>   2. When loading a pref panel the widgets are initialized from system
>      preferences (using the prefstring attribute).
>   3. When the user selects a different panel the current values are
>      saved in the data manager.
>   4. When the user selects a previously displayed panel then the
>      widgets are restored from the data manager, rather than the system
>      preferences.
>   5. When the user accepts the dialog then all the OK handlers are
>      called, then the system preferences are updated. At this point the
>      data manager should have the current widget values, but that
>      wasn't true for old versions of mozilla.
Thanks, this makes things already a bit clearer

About point 5. I'm running mozilla 1.4.1. It's not the latest but it 
comes with Fedora but should be recent enough, shouldn't it? I always 
use the Firebird / Thunderbird combination, but it would be nice to have 
my extension run under both Firebird and Mozilla. I now have it running 
under Mozilla but then I do not check the values the user entered. I 
guess I'm assuming that Mozilla users are more intelligent than Firebird 
users. Maybe that's the reason why I don't get it running on Mozilla ;-)

So what's still puzzling me is:
1. Why are the values in the doOnOk callback not the ones I entered, but 
the ones that were there when the panel got lauched.
2. Why do the normal callbacks (ondialogaccept etc.) not work??


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