[Project_owners] Handling HTML in extensions (Bug in Mozilla and Firebird or am I doing something wrong?)

Jaap A. Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Sat Dec 27 00:53:45 EST 2003

Thomas Thurman wrote:
>>Another thing that doesn't work correctly in Mozilla Firebird 0.7+ 
>>(build of 6 Dec) are links.
>>  <description>
>>     For info go to
>>    <html:a target="_blank" href="http://mypage.com">
>>    My Page</html:a>
>>    </html:p>
>>  </description>
>>It works fine in mozilla 1.4.1. Known bug??
> JOOI, can you see the link on the page
>  http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul

Yes!!! But I'm afraid I don't follow you.


BTW Thanks for &nbsp; tip. It shouldn't be necesarry (I still consider 
it a bug in mozilla) but if it works it's fine for me for the moment.

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