[Project_owners] How to use install.js to write to all.js file?

Matthew A. McGuigan mmcguigan at webnugget.com
Thu Dec 25 12:47:08 EST 2003

Ben Bucksch wrote:

> Matthew A. McGuigan wrote:
>> I'm new to extension writing.  I need to write a string to the all.js 
>> file and I can't seem to find the Mozilla facility to do this.  The 
>> XPI API lists writeString as a function
> You want to set prefs?


> If you want to add your own ones for your extensions, just create a 
> new file and drop it into default/prefs/.
> If you want to change existing prefs  in all.js, use nsIPrefBranch, 
> but I'm not sure, if you can change the default prefs there. (You may 
> not even have write access on the OS level.)

Thanks for the tip.  I'll take a look at nsIPrefBranch.


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