[Project_owners] Wrong browser for installation

Eelco van Kuik moz-needlesearch at planet.nl
Sat Dec 20 14:09:41 EST 2003

Hi everybody,

For some reason, people with IE try to install my plugin now. I got
several requests last week.....?!?

I rewrote the function triggerURL() that makes sure the download starts
first checks if somebody isn't using Internet Explorer. This led to some
happy new users of Firebird and Mozilla!

Here is the code I use, I thought maybe other people overhere are
interested in this as well:

To us it in your code: 
<a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://url/to/your/plugin.xpi');">Click
here to install the plugin</a>

function triggerURL(url) {
	//Some people with IE actually try to install this plugin!
	//Let's redirect them to the firebird download page!
	if (!document.all) {
        if (!InstallTrigger.updateEnabled())
          return false;
	} else {
		if(confirm('You do not have the right browser for this
plugin, \ndo you want to be redirected to the download page for this?'))


Eelco van Kuik
Project owner of the NeedleSearch Toolbar

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