[Project_owners] Launchy announce

Jay Garcia Jay at JayGarcia.com
Fri Dec 19 15:50:21 EST 2003

On 19.12.03 14:55, Henrik Gemal wrote: <p> --- Original Message --- <p>

> I'm not 100% sure how to announce a project but here we go:
> Launchy will enable you to open links and mailto's with external 
> applications like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, 
> Netscape, Outlook, BSPlayer, Windows Media Player and others.
> Launchy will auto detect all applications. It's a Windows only extension!
> Wanna open a link with Winamp? Just right click and say "Open link with 
> Winamp". Wanna send en email to the selected mailto link using Outlook? 
> Just right click and say "Send email using Outlook". I think you get the 
> picture.
> It's great for testing and also for using external mail and media 
> applications.
> Homepage: http://gemal.dk/mozilla/launchy.html
> Current version: 1.5.0

Works great from Firebird when calling Mozilla 1.4.1 but it doesn't even
attempt to launch Thunderbird. Windows registry has correct entries.

Also, in Moz 1.4.1 it brings up the browser AND a compose window but
mail app doesn't launch. Is this the normal function?

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