[Project_owners] CVS access slow

Martin Hassman met at penguin.cz
Tue Dec 9 21:23:29 EST 2003

On 9 Dec 2003 at 21:11, Jens Bannmann wrote:

> > Weird I think will run tcpdump to see what's the problem.
> > My internet connection is fine. Pages in my browser come up fast (the 
> > mozdev.org pages not really fast), but CVS access is friggin' slow
> I have the same problem here - DSL broadband access with lightning
> fast web page response times. Only mozdev is very slow - especially
> CVS...

Only guess. Is the data transfer via CVS quick, but creating connection to 
CVS slow?

Maybe firewall problem.
I have the same problem after school firewall.

met - martin hassman

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