[Project_owners] admin meeting (2003-12-05) notes

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sun Dec 7 23:52:46 EST 2003

Minutes from mozdev admin meeting on 5 December, 2003
(Present: pete, david, cdn, brian)

Meeting Logs and Notes
There is a shift in responsibilities.
cdn will log the admin meetings for reference (private).
Brian will take over from David at taking notes, and post to the project 
owners and MozillaZine.

New Meeting Time
Fridays at 9.30 eastern time (14.30UTC). At the moment, this seems to 
suit everyone best
so we will stick with it until further notice.

Incorporation as a Non-Profit Organisation
- We have found lawyers to proceed with this that have a good working 
knowledge of technology issues.
- They are currently preparing documents for filing for non-profit 
- First steps for us is to decide on the key positions of President, 
Treasurer and Secretary, and
to put forward any other titles that we feel necessary. The current 
positions decided up on are:
President - David
Treasuser - David
Secretary - Brian
VP of Development - Pete
VP of Web Standards - Chris
VP of User Relations - Brian
We feel this fairly reflects the work that we are already doing.
- Setting up the board is a pre-emptive step that we need to prepare for 
now too, including coming up
with possible nominees. Diversity (of occupation/background) is encouraged.

- Our balance stands at about $12,000, but that figure will likely be taxed.
- There have been no large (>$200) donations recently.
- We will hold off having a new pledge drive until tax-exempt status is 

Use of 'Zilla' in project names
The owner of the 'Godzilla' name has been making some noise recently 
concerning the use of 'zilla' in
web sites / software, though not directly to mozdev.
At this point we decided it would be prudent to ban new projects with 
zilla in the name, encouraging an
alternative. Note that this will *not* effect current projects.

Site re-design
This was due to be the main issue for this meeting, but we got 
sidetracked with other issues.
It was decided that the best forum for discussing this was on mailing 
lists, so we subscribed the
relevant individuals to the website list where we will

Bugzilla Upgrade
The only issue here is time ... Pete needs to find some to upgrade to 
the latest version.

Email addresses on the site
Instead of having mailto links all over the site (to feedback for 
example), it was decided to
standardise on linking to the feedback page instead (where possible).
This should be the first point of entry for everyone trying to talk to us.
Links will be changed on an ad-hoc basis, basically when we come across 
them, and new pages should
follow this rule.
The feedback and contact pages need to be reviewed.

Brian King

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