[Project_owners] Advice for extensions using compiled code?

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Sat Dec 6 14:48:58 EST 2003

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> I was just wondering if anyone had any general advice for extensions 
> using compiled code.
> So far I've only used Javascript/XUL in extensions and was wondering if 
> there were any particular pitfalls when using compiled code.
> Matthew Wilson

Heh, where to start . . .

Well for one thing it is a bitch getting a compiled component for say 
LInux to work w/ moz release binaries.

You need to set up an older OS like RH 7.3 and compile gcc3 on it. Then 
you need a lot of build love/hacks to get it "just right" so the 
component you author that is compiled w/ say the 1.5 branch will work w/ 
1.5 release builds. Also don't count on your compiled component on 
working w/ 1.4 or 1.6, you'll need to compile seperate versions w/ those 
branches in order for it to work.

If there is an easy way to do this, I haven't found it yet. The main 
problem is on Linuix is Mozilla statically links libstdc for obvious 

If you want to be cross platform, you need to provide binaries for each 
platform you wish to support.


Pete Collins

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