[Project_owners] use of 'zilla' in new project names

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 08:32:51 EST 2003

that's a good suggestion.  we can always change our policy on this of
course.  i think the thing to do is talk to a lawyer and get their
opinion.  we've just started talking to some lawyers about
incorporation and tax-exempt status, so i'll ask them for their advice
on the zilla situation too.


> The problem is you weakened your case if they move against existing 
> zilla projects by stating that you won't approve new projects. Your 
> action can be construed as an admission that use of zilla is wrong
> that you didn't follow up on this admision by removing existing zilla
> projects from Mozdev. I think you should contact Dave of the
> davezilla 
> site since he has allready been in the postion that you are trying to
> avoid. He can give you far better advice than any of us can on Toho
> and 
> zilla. Maybe all you will need is a disclaimer like the one on
> davezilla 
> stating that Mozdev has no connection to Toho.
> My own view on Toho is they are idiots, use of "zilla" as suffex
> meaning 
> something big strong and cool actually increases the value of the 
> trademark "Godzilla". The idiots are shooting themselves in the foot.
> John Dobbins

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