[Project_owners] use of 'zilla' in new project names

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Sat Dec 6 11:20:01 EST 2003

David Boswell wrote:

>>On the other side, Les Éditions Albert René, publishers of the
>>popular European Asterix comics, won a case against Mobilix.
>the problem for us is that even if we knew we had a good case and could
>win, we don't really have the funds to pay for a lawyer to defend us. 
>for example, look at what sco is doing -- they probably couldn't win in
>court but they're using the threat of legal action to get some
>companies to do what they want.
The problem is you weakened your case if they move against existing 
zilla projects by stating that you won't approve new projects. Your 
action can be construed as an admission that use of zilla is wrong and 
that you didn't follow up on this admision by removing existing zilla 
projects from Mozdev. I think you should contact Dave of the davezilla 
site since he has allready been in the postion that you are trying to 
avoid. He can give you far better advice than any of us can on Toho and 
zilla. Maybe all you will need is a disclaimer like the one on davezilla 
stating that Mozdev has no connection to Toho.

My own view on Toho is they are idiots, use of "zilla" as suffex meaning 
something big strong and cool actually increases the value of the 
trademark "Godzilla". The idiots are shooting themselves in the foot.

John Dobbins
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