[Project_owners] use of 'zilla' in new project names

Erwan Loisant erwanloisant at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Dec 7 00:40:45 EST 2003

David Boswell wrote:

>>On the other side, Les Éditions Albert René, publishers of the
>>popular European Asterix comics, won a case against Mobilix.
>the problem for us is that even if we knew we had a good case and could
>win, we don't really have the funds to pay for a lawyer to defend us. 
>for example, look at what sco is doing -- they probably couldn't win in
>court but they're using the threat of legal action to get some
>companies to do what they want.

Actually in the Asterix-Mobilix case, the big one (Editions Albert Rene) 
won against an Open Source fan site (Mobile Unix = Mobilix) because it 
was too close to Obelix, one of the main character of the comic.

That means that the open source guy could loose such a trial, so 
Sudhakar was saying that mozdev could loose. You're both saying that it 
is not wise to use "-zilla".

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Tokyo Metro U. / Univ. Nantes

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