[Project_owners] use of 'zilla' in new project names

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Fri Dec 5 14:03:51 EST 2003

Last Year Toho, the owner of the "Godzilla" trademark went after the 
Davezilla Blog website, I'm not sure what happened after that except for 
a lot of bad publicty for Toho and that davezilla.com is still there 
though it has a disclaimer that it's not connected with Toho.

Here's a ZD net story about it. They mention that AOL/TW had reached an 
agreement with Toho regarding Mozilla and that Toho had lost every case 
where they tried to assert trademark rights to anything ending in "zilla"

John Dobbins

David Boswell wrote:

>due to potential conflict with the owner of the trademark 'Godzilla' we
>are no longer creating new projects that use 'zilla' in part of their
>name. using 'moz' in names is still acceptable.
>we are doing this simply to avoid any future problems.  no one from the
>trademark owner has contacted any of the mozdev admins or any of the
>project owners as far as i know.  this step seems to be a prudent
>decision though since the trademark owner has contacted mozilla.org
>about the use of 'zilla' in some of their product names.
>this change in new project policy does *not* have anything to do with
>existing projects.  unless an owner has already been contacted about
>their name, i don't think any existing 'zilla' projects need to worry
>about anything.
>if anyone has more information about mozilla.org's issues with the
>trademark owner it might be useful if that could be posted so all of
>the project owners are aware of the situation.
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