[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Erwan Loisant erwanloisant at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Dec 6 01:15:05 EST 2003

Version : 0.5

Home Page: http://moji.mozdev.org
Path to Install File: http://moji.mozdev.org/installation.html
Contact : Erwan Loisant (http://moji.mozdev.org/list.html)

Moji is a Mozilla Firebird extension to help foreigners learning 
Japanese language. It features a fast access to rikai.com, and an 
integrated kanji dictionary in English, French and German in a sidebar. 
Version 0.5 introduces a Japanese to English dictionary based on edict.

Thank you !

Erwan Loisant - Ph.D. student
Tokyo Metro U. / Univ. Nantes

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