[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Alex Bishop alex at mozillazine.org
Thu Dec 4 20:38:00 EST 2003

Brian King wrote:

> On 3.12.2003 14:52, HJ wrote:
>> Perfect, but one more thing. Can you put the project info in some
>> sort of box? This makes reading a lot easier you know :-)
> This *may* work.
> Alex, if you think it would look good on Mozillazine, could you please 
> add a border around each report <div> (class="independent")

How about this: http://www.mozillazine.org/articles/statusborder.html

It's a thin dotted gray border. Solid or black looked too harsh. I added 
some padding as well to give the text of the reports some breathing room.


Alex Bishop
alex at mozillazine.org

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