[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Vasa Maximov vmaximov at strana.ru
Thu Dec 4 20:02:58 EST 2003

ConQuery is an extension for Mozilla/Firebird which allows to query web
services via context menu of the browser. Queries can contain special
variables to be passed to CGI's. These variables are:
  * Selected text;
  * Page URL;
  * Host where page comes from;
  * Prompt for text input before query;
ConQuery can be used to search, blog, translate and more - just with

Dec 4 2003: ConQuery 0.4a released with new features:
  * Working on own Mycroft-like plugins;
  * Support for lists of values in queries: hold Ctrl while executing query
to bring config dialog;
  * Selective installation of plugins: load plugins from any directory and
install only desired.

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