[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Sergey A. Chernyshev urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru
Thu Dec 4 00:18:11 EST 2003

URLFix (fixes a URL typed using wrong keyboard layout)

Home page: http://urlfix.mozdev.org/
Install: http://urlfix.mozdev.org/installation.html


  * IP address bug fixed (http://mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=4941)

Best regards,
Sergey A. Chernyshev                            mailto:urlfix.mozdev.org at antispam.drouk.ru

BK> I will be compiling status reports at the end of the week, so post what 
BK> you have to this thread.

BK> Please follow the format that is here:
BK> http://www.mozillazine.org/articles/article4022.html

BK> There will be a couple of changes:
BK> 1) The version number will go beside the project name at the top.
BK> 2) There will no longer be a mailto link to the senders email address. 
BK> This is due to spam concerns, and M'zines non-policy on obscuring addresses.
BK> Instead there will be a link to the project members page, or a contact 
BK> page if there is one.

BK> Thanks,

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