[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Jens Bannmann jens.b at web.de
Wed Dec 3 22:04:01 EST 2003

[Note: Optimoz hosts three different projects. This status report is
only about "Mouse Gestures", please don't set the title to "Optimoz"
as in the Oct26 reports. Thanks.]

Project name: Mouse Gestures
Project description: Elegantly control your browser by drawing gestures

Home Page: http://optimoz.mozdev.org/gestures/
Install: http://optimoz.mozdev.org/gestures/installation.html
Contact: Jens Bannmann http://optimoz.mozdev.org/members.html
Version: 0.4preview 20031118

The [url=http://optimoz.mozdev.org]Optimoz team[/url] has released a
new nightly build of its popular Mouse Gestures extension for Mozilla
1.x / Firebird. Changes include:

- Supports right mouse button gestures on Linux
- Allows easy gesture sharing: Import gesture mappings just by
  clicking special links on webpages, or publish your own!
- Fixed a bug where all gestures were unknown for fresh installs
- Fixed problems between the close tab gesture and plugins/applets

... and other minor fixes and improvements.

An initial
sharing page[/url] was set up on mozdev. All users are invited to post
their custom functions there.

Best regards,

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