[Project_owners] Status reports (Week of 1 December, 2003)

Jawahar Swaminathan jawahar at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Dec 3 16:12:26 EST 2003

MSDbar (A bioinformatics toolbar application to search the Worldwide 
Protein Data Bank (wwPDB)

Version : 0.5

Home Page: http://msdbar.mozdev.org
Path to Install File: http://msdbar.mozdev.org/installation.html
Contact : Jawahar Swaminathan (http://msdbar.mozdev.org)

MSDbar is a toolbar application for searching the MSD and other 
macromolecular structure resources. It is an invaluable resource for 
biologists who are interested in 3-dimensional structures of proteins 
and nucleic acids.

Version 0.5 has the following features:

1. New toolbar layout
2. Ability to search using MSD, RCSB, PDBj or OCA resources.
3. Choice of RCSB and OCA mirrors for faster searching.
4. Search by Author, Keyword, Ligand, PDB IDcode, Source, Medline and 
SwissProt IDs and more.
5. Retrieve EDS summary information for PDB IDcodes.
6. Comprehensive help and instructions on uninstalling MSDbar.



Jawahar Swaminathan

Brian King wrote:

> I will be compiling status reports at the end of the week, so post 
> what you have to this thread.
> Please follow the format that is here:
> http://www.mozillazine.org/articles/article4022.html
> There will be a couple of changes:
> 1) The version number will go beside the project name at the top.
> 2) There will no longer be a mailto link to the senders email address. 
> This is due to spam concerns, and M'zines non-policy on obscuring 
> addresses.
> Instead there will be a link to the project members page, or a contact 
> page if there is one.
> Thanks,

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