[Project_owners] Minutes from mozdev admin meeting

Jacob Emcken jacob at emcken.dk
Mon Aug 25 22:08:53 EDT 2003

David Boswell wrote:
> About every two weeks the admins get together for a meeting to discuss
> how things are going and to make plans for the site.  It occured to us
> today that we should be making the notes from these meetings public,
> just like they're doing with the mozilla.org staff meeting minutes.

I think its great with the notes from the meetings :)

> Hopefully this information will be useful for people.  We weren't sure
> if people would find this interesting or not, so feedback is welcome. 
> We'd also welcome feedback on if we should post these notes to
> mozillazine as well or just send them out on the appropriate mozdev
> list?

I wouldn't mind finding it there also... but it is not a must.


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