[Project_owners] Download files seperate from source CVS

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Thu Aug 21 09:38:11 EDT 2003

> Just thinking of other alternatives...
> We could use ssh, set up ssh accounts with the shell set to /bin/false, 
> then people can use scp to copy the files into the appropriate directory.
> Then the ssh accounts can't really be used for anything else, and 
> permissions can be set appropriately so that only the download 
> directories of the correct projects are accessible.

Well if you thinkg about it, the existing setup isn't so bad using a 
downloads dir in cvs for your binaries.

All the project owner needs to do is post some simple cvs co 
instructions so users aren't downloading the entire source tree.

cvs co xprint/src

Roland your tree should be laid out like this:


And cvs clients should only download xprint/src

All of you're binary builds should be in downloads. I see you are 
keeping your binary releases on another server.

I honestly don't think this type of setup is so bad.


Pete Collins

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