[Project_owners] Spam targeted at mozilla community?

Justin Haygood jhaygood86 at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 20 21:27:53 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

> Robert J. Accettura wrote:
>> I got an email today from Word-of-Mouth.org.  SPAM....
>> The name sounded familiar, so like any geek, I googled... and 
>> remembered where I heard of it:
>> http://lynggaard.blog-city.com/read/169160.htm
>> I'm starting to think they are using a mozilla commuity website 
>> (MozDev perhaps) to generate their list?
>> Anyone else getting one of these?
> I don't recall seeing anything from word of mouth, but i do hit the 
> delete button pretty fast.  ;-)
> It's a shame how much time, energy and resources this all eats up. The 
> net is starting to be held hostage by all this crap.
> If a virus reads someones addressbook, well then this type of 
> proagation will eventually hit everyone even our mailing lists here on 
> Mozdev.
> --pete
I have yet to see this new email virus. In fact, I have seen 2 email 
viruses arrive in any inbox of mine, but I never opened them
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