[Project_owners] CVS commit mails

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Aug 18 10:41:46 EDT 2003

Pete Collins wrote:

>>> Hello David,
>>> yes, it would be nice to have a tool to notify
>>> project advancements to the community.
>>> I don't know syncmail (and barely CVS...) so
>>> a tip or two would be welcome :-)
>> Basically we would need syncmail installed (a simple Python script) 
>> by the mozdev admins.
>> Then you'd just need to make and commit changes to the loginfo file 
>> in CVSROOT, as follows:
>> ^modulename syncmail -u %{sVv} cvs-list-address at wherever.org
>> Then any commits to modulename will automatically be mailed to that 
>> address.
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/cvs-syncmail for download
>> If you just want basic info on commits, it can be done without 
>> that... what syncmail does is to include patches as well.
>> To do basic info emails:
>> ^modulename Mail -s %{sVv} cvs-list-address at wherever.org
>> but I haven't tested this on mozdev... I'd like to know what the 
>> administrators think of it first
> We use to have mail sent on commits. I disabled it years ago when I 
> implemented the "Last Updated" on the main page.
> I personally find it annoying, it generates a lot of email spam and 
> would rather see a php web solution where a user can just search a day 
> to see the commits.
I can think of two alternatives to this that would seem useful.
The one is to have a specific -cvs mailing list for a project so that 
only those who want to get such emails get them.
The other is to allow people to set up getting CVS themselves if they 
want to. But presumably this would be easier to do for a list.
The advantage of mail is for projects where a developer isn't working 
every day on them but can still be informed when changes are made.
But if there's not much interest in this and it would be too much hassle 
to implement, I understand


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