[Project_owners] "Recently Updated" in CVS

Jed jedbro at gmx.net
Wed Aug 13 15:27:41 EDT 2003

AndyB wrote:

> I find the "recent updates" list on a project's source code page to be 
> very useful when tracking new changes, but I do have one complaint 
> about how it's updated. It seems to work by listing "today's updates", 
> but living on the west side of the country as I do, there's nothing 
> quite so annoying as checking Mozdev's homepage at 8:59 pm (11:59 pm 
> Mozdev time), seeing that a project has just been updated, and 
> clicking on the link... only to find that the clock hit 
> 9:00pm/midnight mozdev time and hence the calendar has rolled over and 
> the updates are no longer part of "today's" and thus not listed on the 
> source code page. How much extra processing would be required to make 
> the individual project source code pages display "updates in the last 
> 24 hours" instead?
> -AndyB

I have this same problem, and 24 or 48 hour check would be extremely 


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