[Project_owners] Re: Browser type and version php function

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Mon Aug 11 17:33:23 EDT 2003


> I would like to see the code you mentioned i the thread:
> [Project_owners] Browser type and version php function.
> So perhapes I can benefit all the users of mozdev.org
> Since you havn't answered in the thread I thought that you might not 
> read the list very often, thats why I emailed you.

I'm reading the list quite often, but I'm a bit overburdened and don't 
come around to answer too often...

Anyways, I just requested a new project (simply named "kairo") on mozdev 
to host a bunch of scripts, maybe later even some software created by me 
that I want to have available in an open sourced form.
I want to upload my user agent detection class there as well, so that it 
is available in some CVS and so that I can accept patches as well ;-)

I hope you can wait for that. I could send it to you as-is, but I really 
want to e.g. add the MPL license header before making it publicly available.


Robert Kaiser

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