[Project_owners] Extension Room

Biju G C bijumaillist at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 9 00:07:40 EDT 2003

Jed and team,

I have moved QuickTools *.xpi to download dir
I wish to get it updated at Extension room

FB - http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickTools.xpi
TB - http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickTools_Tb.xpi
new version : 2003.0805.0  (a correction in calendar menu)

Macro Editor

Home page (new) : http://macroeditor.mozdev.org/
Download  (new) : http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/MacroEditor.xpi

And here are other (new) extensions

Name : QuickTools Grippy
Version: 2003.0724.0
Homepage: http://quicktools.mozdev.org/grippy.html
Download : http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickToolsGrippy_Tb.xpi
(wait for an hour please, availble at us-east3 mirror now)
Size: 4kb
For : ThunderBird

Description :-
Bring back the Grippy in the Splitter between panes. Used for skins like Sky Pilot.


Name : QuickTools Fixed Pane
Version: 2003.0705.0
Homepage : http://quicktools.mozdev.org/
Download : http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickToolsFixedPane_Tb.xpi
Size: 4kb
For : ThunderBird, Mozilla Mail/news

This simple extension will stop automatic resizing of folder pane (width)
and message list pane (height) while resizing main window of ThunderBird.
This will also work for Mozilla Mail and News client.
Once installed, to resize folder or message list pane you have to drag it will mouse.
To temporarily bring back original behavior you can disable the extension


Name : QuickTools TBird Options
Version: 2003.0706.0
Homepage : http://quicktools.mozdev.org/
Download : http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickToolsTBirdOptions_Tb.xpi
Size: 6kb
For : ThunderBird

"Resize-Ability is my Birth Right !!!"
Allows you to configure how Tools/Options Screen should appear, like resizable, centered etc.


Name : QuickTools TBird About
Version: 2003.0705.0
Homepage : http://quicktools.mozdev.org/
Download : http://downloads.mozdev.org/quicktools/QuickToolsTBirdAbout_Tb.xpi
Size: 7kb
For : ThunderBird

Adds new "About Dialog" for Mozilla ThunderBird, made to look similar to Mozilla FireBird.

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