[Project_owners] Trustic Anti-Spam Service To Close

loic loic at xhtml.net
Wed Aug 6 22:38:21 EDT 2003

david boswell wrote:

>>Trustic Anti-Spam Service To Close
> that's too bad.  does anyone know of other similar
> services we could use instead?  

My provider as created spam-rbl.com
You don't even need to register to use the service for your server, you 
need to register to submit spam report.

Stats of the number of reports: http://www.spam-rbl.com/stats.cgi
Top graph is the number of spam report by day.

You need to install that script:

It is in French but it use I think the standard rbl list way of getting 
information about a bad ip, a la spamcop.net


You have also this resource:
(found after a google search)


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