[Project_owners] Browser type and version php function

Jacob Emcken jacob at emcken.dk
Fri Aug 1 17:52:51 EDT 2003

Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Hi,
>> A great feature/function for us Project Owners would be a php function 
>> which could identify browser type and version.
> I wrote up a PHP class (yes, I'm using object-orientated PHP4) doing 
> exactly that (using the UA string), and it tends to be working quite 
> well, also detecting Mozilla release versions as browser version, and 
> making it possible to check for gecko date etc.
> I'd have no problem releasing that code under MPL, if wanted...
> Greetings,
> Robert Kaiser

Well I would very much like to see it :)
Then perhapes Pete can place somewhere global so we all can use it.
Does it need some documentation, if it is to be used on Mozdev. I would 
like to help if it is needed?

What do you all think?...is it something you could use... or am I the 
only one. If I'm the only one there is no need for me to beg Pete to do 
anything :)

-- Jacob

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