[Preferential] could someone explain how "user.js" and "preferences" tool work together (or don't)?

Wayne Glover wglover at technicalmedia.net
Mon Sep 25 18:23:13 EDT 2006


i am learning to edit the user.js file to define how firfox opens.

I have found documentation for editing the user.js but i have also  
installed the "preferences" tool.

it seems most/all of the functionality list in mozdev.org for the user.js  
is also covered in the preferences tool.  Including the ability in the  
preferences tool to copy and paste to the user.js.

my question is:  does one override the other?  since the preferences tool  
does not write to user.js, if I used the preferences tool to make changes,  
how could I distribute that to other users..

thanks for any help you can give.


Wayne Glover

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