[Preferential] Preferential's Missing "Advanced Preferences"

Dick and Jill Miller TheMillers at millermicro.com
Sun Nov 23 12:47:20 EST 2003

Hi!  A new Preferentials user here, with a big hurrah for this project.

However, I had two rough edges getting started.  Before I get more 
familiar and forget, here they are:

1. After an easy installation, I didn't find the expected "Advanced
    Preferences" option under (Moz1.5/WinXP's) "Edit" menu.
    Many tests later, I discovered that it DOES show in my browser
    window, but not in my (default) Mail Window. I think it should
    appear in both, when possible; meanwhile, this behavior should be
    documented in the Install documentation, etc.

2. I expected Preferentials to automate one feature, but think it can't
    yet do it: copying the entire prefs.js line(s) of interest.
    Here's why. I want to use this program to FIND a setting, and
    perhaps to change it. But then I want to move that updated prefs.js
    line(s) into my user.js file. How to copy THAT line, not just a
    column or two FROM it, directly from the excellent Preferentials

Thanks again for a fine project!  I hope these inputs will make it even 

Cheers from
--Dick Miller <TheMillers at millermicro.com>
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