[Padma] I am not receiving any work from your organization.

V S Rawat g vsrawat at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 05:20:40 PDT 2012

Dear madam,

I am not receiving any work from your organization.

In Feb, I had received work worth Rs 10,277.00.
In Mar, I received work
9 March - 65 words
17 Mardch - 71 words
Total - 136 words
so I have not even sent invoice for that.

Would you like to share if there were any quality problem or delays in 
the work done by me?

A few months ago also, the word had stopped unannounced, uninformed in 
the similar manner. Because there had been long gaps before receiving 
work, it takes me long time to realize that you have intentionally 
stopped sending me work. Then I had written to you and something came 
out that quality was not good, and then work again started coming to 
me. That quality issue was never communicated to me earlier that time 

This time also, there is no communication from your company, and no 
work is coming for a month.

I wrote to Mr Arjun Roy 2 months ago, received no response.

I wrote to yourself a month ago, on 14th March, and received no response.

Please assign me further regular work.


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