[Padma] adding more font support in Padma

Xiaomei Ji xji at chromium.org
Tue Aug 24 17:52:53 PDT 2010

I am in the process of porting Padma to Chrome.
And I found that there are several sites that still could  not be rendered
correctly in Padma. We need to add the mapping from those fonts.

http://www.vishvakannada.com/common/kannada-sites.htm (font
http://sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=indexhindi (font-family:APS-C-DV-Prakash)
www.aajkaal.net (font-family:Aajkaal)
http://www.andhrabharati.com/ (font-fammily: SuriTLr. Note from Nagarjuna "the
maintainers of the site changed their font mapping because of Padma. They
wanted their users to use only IE - I never understood the logic. My
understanding is that they did a pretty simple change (like shifting
everything by one character) but I have never bothered to verify it.")

If anyone has the script expertise and is interested in helping to add such
support in Padma, that would be really appreciated.
Following is the instruction from Nagarjuna:

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