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Ok I got it it's a firefox addon.

On 4/14/10, Ujjwol Lamichhane <ujjwollamichhane at gmail.com> wrote:
> Where can I download or test Padma ?
> On 4/14/10, V S Rawat <vsrawat at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 4/14/2010 12:54 PM India Time, _Ujjwol Lamichhane_ wrote:
>>> Could anybody introduce Padma to me ?
>> Hi Ujjwol,
>> Becuase unicode is a recent development, several earlier pages at web
>> have been made using non-unicode fonts, like Shusha.
>> As Unicode has been developed and such fonts are already mostly
>> installed in XP and above systems, and most of the browsers provide
>> compatibility to read unicode fonts, Padma is a tool that has built in
>> procedures that would convert many such fonts to unicode font, thus
>> they would be displayed in browser without needing those fonts in
>> which the page was developed.
>> You wouldn't even know that padma is working. As soon as you give the
>> url and the website is loaded, padma converts the content to unicode
>> and it becomes visible perfectly legible.
>> Padma has capability to convert websites that are known to have some
>> particular font, or if you have font code built in the html code of
>> the web page, padma can convert that also. If there is no font code in
>> the page, you can save the html page in your system, can add font
>> command giving proper font name, and whooshh, padma duly converts that
>> page to unicode.
>> Padma has a standalone version also, that I have not yet tried.
>> I think padma has module to convert reverse from unicode to
>> properietary font also in the stand alone version, that I have not tried.
>> Thanks.
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