[Padma] padma cant automatically transform Anandabazarand Bartaman in my machine

jayanta jayanta at hilandcal.com
Wed Jan 21 23:58:54 PST 2009

Dear Golam,
Regarding aajkaal what kind of help are you wanted for? I am not a programmer but I have little bit knowledge in VB6 and C++.

And what is latest news of yours Anubadok? I always use this being a Bengali wikipedian.

Thanks for great utility.

Jayanta Nath

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Hi Jayanta,

> I have another wish to develop padma to auto transform
> for ajkaal.com if possible.

Yeah, surely its possible. In fact, Soham has plan to
work on it. He is currently working on Uttarbangasangbad

I  have the font maps for aajkaal (datasoft+tagore-2)
but in a different format. So it needs to be put into Padma's .js

In case, you are interested in helping out then let us know.


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