[Padma] padma cant automatically transform AnandabazarandBartaman in my machine

jayanta jayanta at hilandcal.com
Tue Jan 20 02:47:38 PST 2009

Dear Golam,

Thanks for inform me of Known issue. I have another wish to develop padma to auto transform for ajkaal.com if possible.

Jayanta Nath

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Hi Jayanta,

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 6:10 AM, jayanta <jayanta at hilandcal.com> wrote:
> But I can see  some of Bengali words is not rendering properly in both webpage.like after "Bengali jutakkhor" and vowel there a small circle.like that া.

It is a known issue. It arises because these sites use multiple
dynamic fonts simultaneously and Padma doesn't merge two
successive text nodes after transforming to Unicode. So in case
a letter or conjunct is in first node where as matra in the second
node then it will show either a circle or matra (specially e-kar)
in wrong place.

You could read more on this issue here...


> I can see  bn.wikipedia.org page nicely with Bengali font.

Wikipedia is using standard Unicode, no transformation is needed.

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