[Padma] Malformed Conjuncts

Golam Mortuza Hossain gmhossain at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 03:51:21 PST 2009

Hi Harshita,

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 3:10 AM, Harshita <harshita at atc.tcs.com> wrote:
>  As far as I understand, writing mapping for conjuncts( ল্প   ) as
> "Padma_consnt_LA + Padma.vattu_PA" should work.

Yes, this combination works.  However, the problem here is that the
font doesn't have a separate glyph for these conjuncts. For example,
the font has separate glyphs for upper half letter SA, lower half-letter
BA and consnt TA. So I am mapping them as

Datasoft.toPadma[Datasoft.codepoint_A4] = Padma.vattu_BA ;
Datasoft.toPadma[Datasoft.codepoint_A6] = Padma.halffm_SA ;
Datasoft.toPadma[Datasoft.codepoint_EE] = Padma.consnt_TA ;

Now consider the following combination to see the issue:

(1) Padma.consnt_TA  + Padma.vattu_BA   => "ত্ব"  [OK]
(2) Padma.halffm_SA  + Padma.consnt_TA => "স্ত"  [OK]
(3) Padma.halffm_SA  + Padma.vattu_BA   => "স্্ব" [MALFORMED]  should be "স্ব"

Basically, two successive Halant is causing the problem. Two succesive
Halant should be merged into one Halant.


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