[Padma] Malformed Conjuncts

Golam Mortuza Hossain gmhossain at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 11:55:43 PST 2009


While trying to add a new font (Datasoft, www.aajkaal.net)
in Padma,  I am facing couple of issues that are breaking
conjunct formation.

The current handling of prefixList in Padma breaks conjunct
formation, if the conjunct follows a matra which is in prefixList.
For example: If the ordering in original font is say

Vowelsn_E  + (Letter_LA + Halant + Letter_PA).   { "ে" + "ল্প" }

As Vowelsn_E is in prefixList, Padma correctly pushes it down to

 Letter_LA + Vowelsn_E  + Halant + Letter_PA.   { "ল্েপ" }

However, notice that it now breaks conjunct formation. The correct
ordering should be

 (Letter_LA + Halant + Letter_PA)  + Vowelsn_E  .   { "ল্পে" }

This along with few other issues can be easily handled if Padma
API is expanded to have a post processing subroutine. This
should be analogous to the current "preprocessMessage"  API.
For example, I am considering following code

     if (encoding.postprocessMessage != undefined)
        this.text = encoding.postprocessMessage(input);

However, I am not sure about the best place to put the
code in Padma. Can anyone please shed some light on this?


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