[Padma] How to handle proprietary fonts encoded in utf-8 for ex: www.sakshi.com (Telugu newspaper)

arjuna rao chavala arjunaraoc at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 26 01:23:41 PDT 2009


After experimenting for some time with Padma and browsing through the mail
archives, I realized that if the page is encoded in unicode (utf-8), it is
not converted by Padma. Please check the previous thread
The one year old Sakshi  Telugu news paper  is using utf-8 with proprietary
code points.  Like Eenadu, extraneous characters (double dagger  in case of
Sakshi and Hyphen in case of Eenadu) appear, when the page is rendered with
proprietary font.

>From a font perspective, the proprietary font is  99% similar to

Any tips on  making the conversion dependent on URL rather than the
encoding. This will also solve a problem with certain websites which do not
work, when the encoding is not automatically determined  by the browser.


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