[Padma] Reg. Porting Padma to Webkit

V S Rawat vsrawat at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 07:30:25 PST 2008

We can understand because we all often get busy.

However, is there any other input that you can share, apart from 
unzipping the xpi file?

I mean could you share the table of codes and character mappings in 
excel or some other format that would come handy in understanding and 
changing. If such a table exists or could be created in excel, a macro 
or even just a simple function would generate the code file that would 
work in xpi. I had such a method for my own Perl based hindi fonts 
transliteration program.

If such a table is shared, I might develop the function/ vba macro that 
would generate the code. That would facilitate several people in 
contributing the code for their font's transliteration who can't go 
through all that complex xpi procedures.

And any other such things?


On 11/18/2008 6:52 PM India Time, _Nagarjuna Venna_ wrote:

> Hi Prunthaban,
> Good to hear there is interest in porting Padma to Webkit. I will be
> glad to assist with the porting though I wouldn't be able to
> contribute any code. Padma design is relatively straightforward - the
> somewhat hard piece is the code that breaks the input text into
> syllables. Everything else is table lookups. I will be happy to talk
> with whoever is working on the port.
> Thanks,
> Nagarjuna

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