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Wed Aug 27 20:18:37 PDT 2008

Since Bengali is already supported in Padma, it is easy to add support for
Bengali fonts by doing a mapping of characters.  It would be better if
someone who knows the language does the mapping.  Nagarjuna has already have
posted basic detail about how to add new mappings in padma.

Also checkout existing Bengali fonts for examples

You can email the group if you have any questions.


On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 4:29 AM, সোহম চ্যাটার্জী <soham.chatterjee at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello,
> I can't thank you enough for the brilliance of your work. This extension is
> a milestone towards the eventual adoption of Unicode for display of content
> in Indic languages without dependence on platform and in a standardized
> format that enables searching and archiving of news data.
> In the present context due to various factors like governmental
> policy-making apathy, the misfortune of domination by a single vendor for
> common computing needs that disregarded, till recently, the requirement of
> software in Indic languages, and the regressive attitude adopted by
> content-producers of vernacular languages who relied on dynamic fonts.
> The Padma extension already makes it possible to view the Bengali language
> news web-sites Anandabazar Patrika and Bartaman Patrika. The pages are
> rendered mostly correct except for some errors with rendering of vowels
> like
> "aa"(Bartaman), short "i"(Anandabazar), placement of "e"(Bartaman) and ou,
> placement of chandrabindu. I believe these can be rectified in future
> versions.
> As demonstrated by your excellent coverage of South Indian and other Indic
> scripts, I would also like to see such development work is extended to
> Bengali as well. In this context I have made a list of the the Bengali
> newspapers web-sites with the widest circulation/popularity and the dynamic
> fonts they use.
> I have attached a zip file that includes the font files in the respective
> folders named after the newspapers using them.
> The most popular sites and the used dynamic fonts are -
> For pouplar West-Bengal Bengali newspapers -
> 1> DATAN_.ttf - Aajkal
> 2> Shree550.ttf - Uttar Banga Sambad
> 1> prothoma.ttf and bngsalpn.ttf - Prothom Alo
> 2> TONNBM__.ttf - Jaijaidin, The Daily Amadershomoy, The Daily Dinkal,
> Manabzamin, London Bangla
> 3> sutom.ttf - The Daily Ittefaq, The Daily Bhorer Kagoj, The Daily
> Jugantor
> 4> Boishkhi.ttf - Daily Naya Diganta and The Daily Amader Sangram
> 5> samakal_.ttf - Shamokal
> 6> itxbeng.ttf - Parabaas
> 7> falgun.ttf - Vinnomot
> 8> alihsan.ttf - Al-Ihsan
> The above papers are most popular in Bangladesh
> It is my request that the Bengali fonts for the West-Bengal newspapers and
> at least the first four fonts of the most widely read Bangladeshi
> news-papers are made available through Padma.
> Looking forward to further development of this great piece of work.
> Best wishes,
> Soham Chatterjee
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