[Padma] Unicode Conversion Gateway with new font converters

Harshita harshita at atc.tcs.com
Fri Nov 30 02:54:33 PST 2007

 Unicode Conversion Gateway is a web-based proxy server to convert
Indian language web pages encoded in proprietary encodings into Unicode.

 We took Padma code as a basis and reimplemented it in PHP to create
this proxy server. As it is a proxy server, one can access it through
any web browser.

Use the Url http://uni.medhas.org for demo.

Project hosted on sourceforge.net


On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 09:49 +0530, V S Rawat wrote:
> What exactly is this?
> Is it the standalone version of Padma?
> not able recall about this.
> thanks

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